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Jean Shaw here for  Recently I’ve been interviewing a variety of internet marketers.

Some were complete beginners, others into media, and a few quite successful, but they all had one thing in common, or rather one person, Alex Jeffreys.

Alex from Wales in U.K. has taken the internet marketing community by storm. He is also my mentor. And I’m really pleased he’s found time to talk to me again because the last time we tried this, I forgot to press the red button. Alex was very gracious about the whole thing. Well, we put it down to one of those failing forward moments which we all have from time to time. And as long as we learn from them, it’s okay.

Anyway, this time it should be fine. So let’s meet the man himself, Mr. Alex Jeffreys.

Alex Jeffreys 2010

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Check out Alex report, by clicking n the Unreported Marketing cover.