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Jean Shaw here, and one of the things I firmly believe is that things happen for a reason.  

We don't always know what it is at the time, but eventually, all comes out in the wash, as they say, at least they do over here in England.

 I discovered there was more to the internet than emails and Ebay on my 50th birthday, and what I really like about the internet is the variety of people you can meet.

I've been fortunate enough to meet individuals from all over the world, and today I'm chatting to Gary Chappelle.

So how did I meet him?  Well, I just looked for anyone with the same birthday as me on facebook and contacted them.  No, actually, that isn't true, but we do share the same birthday, although perhaps not the same year, although we might do because his taste in music would tie up with my era as it were.  The Beatles and Rolling Stones were big news when I was young.

I actually met Gary at the first GVO workshop in San Antonio in October 2010 and he  shared the stage with Tissa Godavitarne,  who’d won Joel Therien’s BMW.  He was there to not only accept the prize but also talk about ACME People Search for which Gary is the Area Manager

However, Gary also wears another hat as the President of a computer consulting firm and his extensive knowledge of computers and internet marketing techniques has made him a very useful person to know.

I’m hoping he’ll transmit some of his computer expertise down the phone lines actually because my computer is doing weird and wonderful things today.

Anyway, without further ado, let me introduce Mr. Gary Chappelle.


Gary Chappelle

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