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Once more I have the pleasure of chatting to the Blog Hopping Queen herself, Miss Sally Neill.

The last time I spoke to this wee Scottish lassie she was about to do her first webinar for her new coaching course, Learn With Sally, and although there were a few technical hiccups initially, the course just kept getting better and better.

Sally packed so much information into her webinars she even had to extend the length of the course, because she couldn’t fit it all into the scheduled 12 weeks.

The course was aptly named and for those students who actually took action on her advice, the rewards have already been evident.

I have to confess although I am one of Sally’s first students; I haven’t actually implemented much yet - not because it isn’t really valuable information, but because of a variety of events in my life since the training began.

I’ve been in listening mode only, but Learn With Sally is one course I will certainly be returning to again and again, because she’s revealed all sorts of tips and tricks on a variety of subjects,  and not just on blogging, which I must admit is what I originally thought the course would focus on.

Anyway, let’s chat to Sally and see how she feels now her very first coaching program is over and discover whether another one is part of her future plan.

Learn With Sally

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