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Video Testimonial from Joel Therien - President and CEO of GVO

Alex Jeffreys

“It’s not often I get interviewed this way Jean, and a lot of people in business interview me

and I know you like to open up a conversation, and that’s why I like to have interviews with

you because you extract great information from me.”

Alex Jeffreys 2011

 Gary Simpson

                            You’re a good interviewer Jean. And a lovely lady. Thanks for the opportunity”.

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Gary Simpson

Joel Therien

“Folks, Jean can be a little too humble at times. I have been using Jean for copy writing and she wrote a script for a video for us that has been the best converting video of all time here at GVO…

I think Jeans prices just went up!”


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                                                                                        The Art and Science of Success Volume 3

                                                                                         My book - The GVO Story  is mentioned on page 26

Tim Castleman


                               "I really enjoyed being interviewed by Jean. She asked the tough questions and really gets to core of who a                                 person really is. The time flew by and I gave way more information and how to knowledge as a result of her                                 relaxed style. Without a doubt, one of the best interviews I have ever been a part of and more importantly -                                 the best way to capture where I am currently in my business. Thank you so much Jean!"



Gary Simpson