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Today I have the pleasure of chatting to Tim Castleman.

I’ve been intrigued by this young man for some time and confess to having bought many of his products, so it’s with great delight I’m able to feature him on

If you’re involved in the internet world you’ll undoubtedly have heard of Frank Kern, and in many ways Tim reminds me of the legend.  

You see both have a sort of irreverent style, and have been known to swear a bit, which I must confess I don’t like, but on the positive side they are both great story tellers, extremely engaging, humorous and share a tremendous amount of free information before asking for the sale.

Today though, I’m not here to discuss Tim’s products although I can highly recommend them.  Instead, I’d like to  discover a bit more about the man who makes me laugh ,and whose e-mails I do actually still open.

So without further ado, let me introduce Mr Tim Castleman .....

Tim Castleman

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