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Jean Shaw here, and today, I'm once more chatting to Alex Jeffreys, who relatively quickly went from school dunce to becoming one the most successful online marketers in Welsh history.

Alex has been online since 2004 when he dabbled in eBay, and began importing motorbikes from China. But his rise to stardom really took off in 2008 when he started his first coaching course, “Marketing With Alex”.

His tagline then, and still is, has been “Marketing with you, and not to you”.  I was on that first course, and  since then, he's gone on to run three more, but I believe Alex 4.0 is to be his last as he wants to move on to other things.

I recorded an interview with Alex one year ago, and today I'd like to see what's changed in his life over the past 12 months; and whether he can offer any more additional advice and insights to listeners of this call.

Alex Jeffreys 2011

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