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It’s Jean Shaw here, and today I’m picking the brains of the man who reputedly put the head in the bed of Alex Jeffreys Guru Nightmare report.

My guest today is Gary Simpson from Perth in western Australia, and he’s kindly agreed to step out from his TEMPLE for Internet Marketing Newbie’s to share some words of wisdom.

I must admit I’m expecting a lot because Gary is quite a wordsmith. Apart from being the author of over 20 substantial eBooks offering information on a range of subjects, he’s also written some novels and a personal development and motivational home study course encouraging readers to transform themselves into the best they can be.

Gary’s favourite saying is ‘you can’t teach a person anything, you can only help them find it within themselves’, so let’s have a chat with him and see how he applies that in his daily life.

Gary Simpson

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Since this interview, Gary has gone on to set up a very successful coaching course with good friend and fellow  marketer, Garry Parkes.

You can find it here - InternetBusinessCodeX